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RISD Design/Build in Costa Rica

A job well done!!

Group photo against the laurel-wood classroom wall!

Beautiful photos of the finished classroom - thanks Jin!!

Day 25 - WE’RE DONE!!!

We finished the building today - WOOHOOO!!!! We worked SO hard to get this classroom looking this beautiful! It was so satisfying to complete all those finishing touches - installing hardware on the doors, final touch-ups of wood stain, placing in the last of the screen windows, and a MAJOR cleanup session! We are all in awe of how much we were able to accomplish in just four weeks. We hope you enjoy the beautiful photos Jin took this morning! 

We had a little party by the pool to celebrate a successful wintersession - it was super fun, but we’re so sad we have to leave this amazing place tomorrow! :(

Day 24 - Playas del Coco!

We spent the day at Playas del Coco, a beautiful cove only a short drive away from La Flor. We shopped for souvenirs, ate lots of delicious food, met locals, swam in the warm ocean, and lazed around on the beach - a much needed reprise from our brutal work week. We even got to watch the Super Bowl at a beachside hotel!

Playas del Coco

Building the classroom wall

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Day 17 - Tamarindo!

Today was the day we’ve all been waiting for - our trip to Tamarindo, one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica! We spent all day frolicking in the ocean - some swam, some bodyboarded, and a group of us rented surfboards and caught some awesome waves! Of course, we had to fit in some souvenir shopping and pina-colada drinking. After watching another beautiful sunset, we headed home to Earth La Flor.